Music Production Course Finder

If you are looking for a course based on how long it lasts or the price, and you need to retrieve this information quickly, then the following tables should be of assistance.

There are three music production course finder tables available below.

One Day Music Production Course Finder

The first covers the day courses we currently have available. These are ‘taster’ courses which will give you an idea of how we run our courses and is an introduction to these subjects. For those of you who are completely new to the world of music production and sound engineering they will also help you decide whether this is something you would like to pursue either as a hobby or a career.

Course DurationCourse TitleCost
1 DayIntroduction to Mixing£60

Full Time Course Finder

These last from between 3 days right up to 18 months and cover a wide range of subjects including sound engineering, music production and individual sequencer courses running on 4 consecutive days. For more information take a look at the full time table below.

Course DurationCourse TitleCost
3 DaysPRoTools Tutorial£300
3 DaysSynth Programming£300
4 DaysMusic Production Foundation course£330
4 DaysCubase Tutorial£300
4 DaysLogic Studio Tutorial£300
4 DaysMusic Sampling Techniques£300
4 DaysMixing - Advanced Music Production£300
4 DaysMulti Track Recording£300
4 DaysAbleton Live Tutorial£300
4 DaysReason Tutorial£300
4 WeeksSummer Sound Engineering Course - Summer Sound Engineering£1800
4 WeeksSummer Electronic Music Production Course - Summer electronic£1800
8 Weeks Foundation in Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma£1450
8 to 12 WeeksIntensive Full Time Music Production Course£2450
9 WeeksSound Engineering & Music Production Level 1 Diploma£2945
6 MonthsSound Engineering & Music Production Level 1 Diploma£5300
9 MonthsSound Engineering & Music Production Level 1 Diploma£7000
18 MonthsBTEC Music Production HND£9950

Part Time Course Finder

These courses are run usually once a week, ranging from a 3 hour session in the afternoon or evening or 2 sessions every other Saturday. Take a look at the part time course finder table below for details.

Course DurationCourse TitleCost on its OwnCost with Another Course
4 WeeksSynth Programming£300£270
6 WeeksPRoTools Tutorial£300£270
8 WeeksMusic Production Foundation course£330£330
8 WeeksCubase Tutorial£300£270
8 WeeksLogic Studio Tutorial£300£270
8 WeeksMusic Sampling Techniques£300£270
8 WeeksMixing - Advanced Music Production£300£270
8 WeeksMulti Track Recording£300£270
8 WeeksReason Tutorial£300£270
8 WeeksDJ Tutorial£300£270
8 WeeksAbleton Live Tutorial£300£270
16 WeeksDJ Performance Techniques£570£570
24 WeeksDance Music Production Package 1£840£840
24 WeeksSound Engineering Course - Live Sound Recording£840£840
28 WeeksDance Music Production Package 2£1005£1005
36 WeeksDance Music Production Package 3£1275£1275
18 MonthsPart Time Sound Engineering & Music Production Level 1 Diploma£3000 per academic year (9 months)£5000 (If paid in Advance)

Enjoy Your Courses

Music Production Course Finder