Music Production Schools Student Visas

There has been quite a lot of mention in the news lately of music production schools having their border license revoked.

It is important to remember that the immigration authorities in the UK are getting more and more vigilant about abuses of the visa system by so called students who come to the uk.

The tier 4 sponsor license system requires that the training provider do most of the vetting for these visas. Unfortunately a lot of these schools are not necessarily adequately equipped with man power or experience to properly deal with these issues.

Although the Recording Workshop is not a tier 4 licensed sponsor we have had a lot more experience dealing with these matters than most other music production schools. About 10 years experience in fact.

At the moment the student visitor visa appears a safer bet for prospective students. 6 months is a good stretch of time to acquire the necessary skills at minimum expense.

For more information please follow this link here.