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Practice period for the Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma course


Which Advanced Sound Engineering Courses or Music Production Course or Courses should I attend?

This really depends on the kind of music you wish to record and produce, whether you intend to work with musicians playing traditional instruments, or electronics and computer based music. If you already have a clear idea of the kind of music you wish to produce we can provide you with a course track which will help you achieve your goals. All the advanced sound engineering courses & music production courses are very practical and most are based around a computer digital audio workstation (or DAW) with a maximum of two students per station. We currently have six available workstations.

Cubase Tutorial Music Production course

Cubase is known as a software music sequencer that runs on either a PC or Apple Mac. It can record many tracks where each track can represent one instrument or sound. It is the digital equivalent of the multi-track reel-to-reel tape machine. If you attended the Sound Engineering & Music Production Foundation Course you will have already gained some basic knowledge on this music sequencer software, however on this course you will attain an in depth knowledge on all aspects of this powerful and versatile application.

Logic, Pro-Tools and Reason Music Production Courses

Similar to Cubase in the fact that all of these packages are software music sequencers, but they are each created by different software houses. We teach all of these sequencer packages, each as individual courses as they are all used in both professional and semi-professional music production. The versatile engineer needs to be competent in their operation in order to be able to take on work for any client. However if your intention is to set up and use your own studio to record and produce music then it may not be necessary to attend all these courses.

Music Sampling Techniques – Music Production course

A sampler is a device (either hardware or software) that captures small sections of audio which can then be triggered by a keyboard or other device. It is used widely in the music industry to add some ‘interest’ to the track, however many tracks are entirely sample based. In this course you will go through the process of recording, editing and building a music track based entirely on samples. You will also be using one of the sequencers above (usually Cubase or logic) to put this track together and this will help you appreciate how the equipment works together. Past students have included many professional DJ’s, artists, A&R personnel from Warner Music, BMG Publishing, Mother Records, Polygram, Jive Records, Nude Records, Island Records, Parlophone & EMI Records, Independiente & Decca Records etc….producers as well as novices all of whom have found it very useful. Students have had placements in studios such as Mayfair, Metropolis, Sphere Studios, The Dairy and the BBC.


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