The tier 4 student visa or the student visitor visa?

Accredited for student visasClick HERE to see if you need to apply for a Student Visitor Visa before coming to the UK or not.

A new rule introduced in April 2012 prohibits any employment while attending a private college on a tier 4 general student visa. This basically applies to all the significant music production schools in the uk. Previous to April 2012 one could work for up to 10 hours per week on a tier 4 visa. This is no longer possible. The implications are quite significant.

It now looks like the student visitor visa route may become more attractive as long as the course is no longer than 6 months.

The course is cheaper and less money is required to be accounted for to cover living expenses. Remember you have to show you have £1000 per month of your stay in inner London for at least 28 days before you apply for a visa. This means £6000 for a student visitor visa or £9000 for a tier 4 student visa if that is how long your course will be.

The advantage of a tier 4 is that the visa could be extended and courses can be changed although with difficulty. To do our course on a tier4 student visa click HERE

The requirements for both visas are not very different.

We have recently been accredited by the ASIC which enables non EU nationals to come to the UK on a student visitor visa to do a  special version of the level 1 diploma course for this visa. Click HERE for details of the course.

The student  application process takes a bit of time and you should read the information below and start making the appropriate arrangements now so as to save time when you apply formally. If you have any questions please contact us here.

The Recording Workshop asks for a deposit from all (non-EEA) International students.  You must pay a £4800 deposit for the  6 month level 1 Diploma course before we can issue a letter of unconditional acceptance on to the course.

Student visitor requirements can be seen HERE

More information about this service will be added ongoingly.

If you have specific questions, please e-mail The Recording Workshop by clicking here.