Ableton Live Tutorial – £300 – A very popular course from TRW

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Here at The Recording Workshop by popular demand from our students we have been running numerous Ableton Live Tutorial courses.

What is Ableton Live?

Ableton Live is a music software sequencer that is different to most of the major sequencers available. Each ‘block’ or section can hold either a simple note or a complete loop based on a musical idea and you can create a track based on numerous idea blocks.

Take a look at the following video from as Dennis DeSantis puts a track together.

Ableton Live Tutorial

Ableton Live Tutorial

Unlike a lot of software sequencers, Live has been designed to be used as a live performance instrument or tool, but it can also be used for composing and arranging on either a PC or Mac Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. Therefore the way an Ableton user goes about creating a track will be different to a musician using another sequencer. One of the great features of this particular sequencer is that it can still run on older G4 or G5 Macs as well as the current versions.

DJs Find it a great asset as they use it for mixing tracks, as it features a suite of beatmatching, and crossfading controls as well as other effects used by turntable users.

What Will be Covered on the Ableton Live Tutorial?

All aspects of this powerful sequencer will be covered from creating the initial loops, or importing existing pre-created ones, use of the plugins and virtual instruments that come as standard with Ableton and finalizing the track to produce a finished product although the emphasis will be to learn and understand the numerous functions of the sequencer itself.

As with all of our tutorials the number of attendees is small, so you will get the opportunity for plenty of practical, and have time to ask any questions you may have while working on your project.

Ableton Live Tutorial duration:

The summer course runs for 4 consecutive days 11:00 to 16:30.

At other times of the year the course runs for 4 x fortnightly Saturdays, where you cover two sessions during each visit.

The course is £300 on its own or £270 if purchased together with an additional course. It is also included as one of the options in the Dance Music Production Course.

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We look forward to seeing you on this Ableton Live Tutorial.