Enrolment procedure for the TRW student visa courses.

First of all check if you need a visa here: (click) https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

The above link should take you to the relevant information you need. You can also see details by selecting the appropriate conditions below:

See the government short-term study visa guide.
This is what the UKVI say:

To come to the UK on a short term study visit visa,

What you can and can’t do

You can:

  • do a short course of study in the UK, such as an English language course or a training course
  • do a short period of research as part of a degree course if you are studying abroad

You can’t:

  • study at a state school
  • work (including on a work placement or work experience) or carry out any business
  • extend this visa
  • bring family members (‘dependants’) with you – they must apply separately
  • get public funds

How long you can stay

You can stay in the UK for:

  • 6 months – for any short course (including English language courses), or short period of research if you’re 18 or over

You must prove that you:

  • have been offered a place on a course in the UK at an accepted place of study
  • have enough money to support yourself without working or help from public funds, or that relatives and friends can support and house you
  • can pay for your return or onward journey

If you’re under 18 you must also:

  • have made arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK
  • have permission from your parent or guardian to study in the UK

Where you can study

You must be accepted on a course with an education provider that holds a Tier 4 sponsor licence.

Otherwise your course will need to be held at an educational institution listed by the following:

  • You must not intend to study at a maintained school.

For information about your rights and responsibilities while you are in the UK, see the Visitors’ rights and responsibilities section.

What documents do you need for a study visit visa?

This page contains information about the documents that you may want to provide to support your application to come to the UK on a short term study visit visa.

If you apply for a visa, you should provide these documents with your visa application.

  • You should provide as many relevant documents as you can to show that you qualify for entry to the UK. If you do not provide them, you may have your application refused.
  • You must decide which documents will best support your application. We advise you to consider providing documents that contain:
  • information about you
  • information about your finances and employment
  • your accommodation and travel details
  • information about your visit to the UK

Details of required documents can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/study-visit-visa/documents-you-must-provide

We are a tier 4 licensed sponsor which enables you to study in the uk for up to 2 years.

Our full time level 1 & 2 Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma courses qualifies you to apply for a student visa. These details are what you need to do to enroll on to the course.

Student visa requirements can be seen HERE. (UK authorities information on applying for a student visa).

The price of the courses are £7000 (Level 1) or £9950 (level 2) which includes a deposit of £1000 or £2000 to reserve your place.

Documents you need to provide us:

1. A completed application form.

2. A scanned image of your passport which shows your photo and passport number.

3. A scanned image of your English language qualification or any other qualification that shows your English language ability.

This is not necessary if you are a national of the following countries:

Antigua and Barbuda


the Bahamas








New Zealand

St Kitts and Nevis

St Lucia

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago

the USA

The enrolment procedure is as follows:

1. Contact us to request an application form, complete it and email it back to us as soon as possible.

2. On receipt of the form we will assess your suitability for the course.

3. If you are deemed suitable you will be emailed a conditional letter of acceptance on to the course. This is often done the same day we receive your application form.

4. To complete your enrolment you will then need to pay a £1000 or £2000 deposit depending on the course. The payment methods can be seen below. This will reserve your place on the course.

5. You also need to send us a scanned image of your passport which shows your photo and passport number as well as any English language qualification if applicable.

6. On receipt of an additional payment of £5000 or £6950 depending on the course we will issue you a CAS which you will need to apply for your visa.

7. The remaining £1000 will be due 28 days before the course start date.


You can not apply for a visa more than 3 months before the course start date but you can enrol on the course.

Payment Methods:


You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone (+44 (0)20 8968 8222), by fax (+44(0)20 7460 3164) or Email.

Please supply the following details:

Card number:

Expiry date:

Start date (if there is one):

Issue Number (if there is one):

Security code (the last 3 digits on the signature strip on the back of the card):

Name on card:

Address card statements are sent to:

Amount: (add 2% if paying by credit card, no charge for debit cards).


You can pay online by PayPal by going to the payment page on our website here: https://recordingworkshopuk.com/course-starting-dates-and-prices/12

Bank Transfer:

Please contact us for the details of our bank account.