Edexcel BTEC Higher National Certificate in Music Production

Level 4


  1. Accessible Music Technology (15 credits),
  2. Applied Music Production Techniques (15 credits),
  3. Computer Music Composition & Production (15 credits),
  4. Computer Systems (15 credits)
  5. Music Production Analysis (15 credits),
  6. Music Studio Production (15 credits),
  7. Music Technology (15 credits),
  8. Sound Creation & Manipulation (15 credits),
  9. Studio Recording & Engineering (15 credits),

Additional information


Support services for students

In addition to students subject tutors, students will be assigned a personal tutor whose key role is to support students during students time with us. We encourage students to discuss issues linked to and outside of students primary learning which impact upon students well-being with them. Students timetable will also include a weekly slot for students group which is linked to tutorial and pastoral issues.

Students will have full access to the support facilities offered by The Recording Workshop.

Students will also have access to support with advice and guidance on work experience opportunities, enrichment opportunities (including volunteering), careers advice, employability support and disability services.

Equal opportunities and harassment policies

Our staff are committed to facilitating equal opportunities for all students irrespective

of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability or creed. If students consider that any form of discrimination or prejudice is occurring either to themselves or to another student. They are encouraged to raise this with the student’s personal tutor or the Course Leader for the student’s course.

We have a strict anti-harassment and bullying policy. If students believe that students are being harassed either by a member of staff or by another student They are encouraged to raise this with the student’s personal tutor or the Course Leader for the student’s course.

Students can access the College’s policies relating to equal opportunities and harassment by clicking this link: https://recordingworkshopuk.com/policies

Safeguarding and health and safety

All students and staff are required to comply with safeguarding and health and safety

requirements at their various places of practice and learning.

Click this link to find the The Recording Workshop safeguarding policy


The Recording Workshop information about health and safety can be access by clicking

this link https://recordingworkshopuk.com/policies


Support for students with additional needs

We aim to ensure that individual needs are met before starting a course and during

the course of study.

Students are asked to tell us as soon as possible if their situation changes at any time during the course and students feel students they need support as a result.   Students would normally discuss their needs with their personal tutor.

Core staff at The Recording Workshop are informed of any additional needs of students because of the potential impact it may have on students ability to study and complete unit requirements. For example, the college needs to know which students have been diagnosed with dyslexia so that work is not automatically penalised for non-standard spelling or grammar. Students are asked to discuss this with the student’s personal tutor if it is an issue for them.






Quality improvement: Listening to student’s views

The college aims to make students experience both worthwhile and enjoyable and to continually improve the quality of its awards. Therefore the college values student’s feedback about the quality of our programmes. Consultatives will be held every term and a nominated representative from students group will attend these to provide feedback on students experience. An end of course review will also be carried out to obtain students feedback.


The validation process

The Recording Workshop qualifications are validated by Edexcel. The purpose of award validation is to establish through peer judgement whether the award is of an appropriate curriculum standard and whether the award title is justified by the proposed content.





Professional body recognition

Learners possessing an Edexcel BTEC Level 4 HNC and/or Level 5 HND in Music will hold a qualification/s recognised by:

·   Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS)


·   Music Producers’ Guild

·   UK Screen Association

There is the opportunity for the Edexcel BTEC Level 4 HNC and Level 5 HND in Music to provide some of the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills for the following NOS:

·   Recording Studio Sound Engineering

·   Radio & Media Sound Engineering

·   Technical Theatre

·   Live Events and Promotion