Cubase Tutorial – What is Cubase?

[schema type=”event” evtype=”EducationEvent” url=”” name=”Cubase 4 day summer tutorial” description=”4 day Cubase tutorial with a maximum of 4 people teaches you how to use all aspects of this music production tool.” sdate=”2016-07-05″ stime=”11:00 am” edate=”2016-07-08″ duration=”05:00″ street=”Unit 10, Buspace Studios, Conlan Street” city=”London” postalcode=”W10 5AP” country=”GB” ]

The Cubase tutorial is priced at £300 on its own, or £270 if purchased together with another course.

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Cubase is a music sequencer software application that can run on a PC or a Mac. It can record both audio such as your guitar or vocals, as well as MIDI data which in turn controls internal or external sound modules, effects and processors.

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Why attend the Cubase Tutorial at the Recording Workshop?

We have been using, and teaching Cubase since it came out in 1989. The Cubase tutorial classes are small with around 75% of the course involving practical application on all key aspects of this powerful sequencer program.

How is the Cubase tutorial structured?

The Cubase tutorial duration is 8 x Monday evenings 19:00 to 21:00 or 4 x fortnightly double session saturdays 11:00 to 16:30. Also on 4 x Mondays 11:00 to 16:30. Once a year there is a 4 day intensive version of the course in July. The Cubase tutorial classes are arranged Into workstation, each setup consisting of a computer with a keyboard and a multi-timbrel sound module, resulting in plenty of hands-on practice, which is the best way to learn and understand how to fully utilize the many features in Cubase.

What is covered in the Cubase tutorial?

Aspects of Cubase MIDI sequencing covered in the Cubase tutorial include:

Drum, Key, List, Logical editing, Arranging with Global functions, Cut & Pasting, Group track, Using Controllers, MIDI processor, MIDI mixing & more.

Aspects of the hard disk audio recording section of Cubase include:

Cubase Mixer

The mixer, automation, using plug-ins such as effects, processors and soft synths, audio & automation editing, channel assignment, VST instruments, recording audio etc…

LoopMash Loop Player Plugin

The loopMash Plugin plays pre-recorded loops in a random fashion. It comes with some default loops as standard but you can import loops of your own and create some very complex and interesting patterns which are synchronized to your track. Hours of pure fun can be had with this loop player. In the Cubase Tutorial, you will be shown how to use this and the other plugins.

Mystic Soft Synth Plugin

The Mystic Soft (software) Synth is part of the Cubase package and you will learn how to use it during the course.

Pitch Correction Plugin

Was the singer in your band slightly off tune during that all important recording session? Fear not as the Pitch Correction plugin can be used to correct this, plus it can also produce some weird and wonderful effects, and it’s not restricted to vocals either.

RoomWorks Reverb Plugin

 RoomWorks Reverb plugin produces some amazing spatial effects which will really enhance your mix. These are just a small selection of the plugins that come as standard with Cubase and you’ll get to use these during the Cubase tutorial sessions.

Requirements to attend the Cubase Tutorial

You will Ideally be already familiar with EQ, dynamic processing & effects or you will have attended and fully completed the TRW Music Production Foundation Course, otherwise the advanced topics covered here will not be clearly understood. Nevertheless we are quite happy to accept students who have not covered these subjects beforehand as long as they understand that some aspects may require them to do some extra research or complete our Foundation course.

The Cubase tutorial is priced at £300 on its own, or £270 if purchased together with another course.

Click the “Add To Cart” button to purchase the Cubase Tutorial.