Which TRW courses qualify for a tier 4 student visa?

Our 9 & 18 months full time diploma courses qualify for a general tier 4 student visa. For more course length details click HERE

Our 2, 3 & 6 month full time condensed courses as well as the 9 week summer course qualify for a short-term student visa which allows you up to 6 months stay in the UK.

For more general visa details go here.

Do you need any experience to go on TRW courses?

No though we recommend novices do the TRW Sound Engineering & Music Production Foundation Course to start off with.

When do the courses start?

you can see the start dates for all the courses by going to https://recordingworkshopuk.com/course-starting-dates-and-prices

Is there a lower age limit for these courses?

Yes. Part time short courses & summer courses have a limit of 14 years, the full time courses the limit is 18 years

Is there an upper age limit for doing the TRW courses?

No. A lot of people started exploring home recording in the 70s and then had to leave these interests behind while they carried on with their lives. After a while they have decided that they want to catch up with modern techniques or develop their skills further.

Is it better to do a full time course or a part time course?

It depends on what your time availability is. If you are free during about 2 1/2 days/weeks then the full time course is definitely preferable. You get access to all the recording studio’s facilities and more or less unlimited practice time. there are often extra unadvertised lessons included as well.

Also, very importantly is the recording session sit ins. These give you a unique opportunity to assist in several working recording sessions which will give invaluable insights into what actually happens in a recording sesssion.

How do I enrol on to a course?

Chose the course you want to enrol on and then all you need to do is either pay a deposit which reserves your place or pay the entire fee. There are PayPal payment links for all the courses at https://recordingworkshopuk.com/course-starting-dates-and-prices

Which course should I do if I am not sure?

The Foundation course. Once you have done that course you will be able to go on to any of the other courses we provide.

This is our flagship part time course that has been running for nearly 24 years. It explains and demonstrates all the essential facilities and techniques used in a recording studio. All our other courses branch out form this one.

You don’t need any previous knowledge or qualifications to do it. We take it all from the very beginning

You don’t need to take notes, we give you all the material you need. The emphasis is on watching and listening to our demonstrations and explanations. There are only 4 people per class so there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions if you need to and there is a practical period at the end of each session.

How many people are there in a class?

On average there are 4 people in a class.

Can I try out a class before deciding to enrol on the diploma course?

Yes you can. There are free taster classes on Tuesday afternoons for the diploma course. To register click on the link on the right hand side of this page.


Are your qualifications internationally recognised?

Yes. You can apply for a level 3 qualification with the TRW level 1 diploma which is the level of A level or Baccalauréat.

You can apply for a level 4 qualification with the TRW level 2 diploma which has the value of the 1st year of a university degree. This would enable you to go straight into year 2 of a university degree.

Can I come for more than 6 months on a short-term student visa?

No and you can not change visa while you are in the UK.