Logic Pro Tutorial – What is Logic Pro?

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Logic Studio is a set of applications including Logic Pro X, which is the main program including the sequencer capable of recording both audio and MIDI Data. Plug-ins and Sounds, featuring ‘modeled’ instruments such as guitar amplifier emulations, as well as software synthesizers, effects and processors as well as sample based sounds and loops. MainStage, which is used for live performances where you can set up backing tracks, preset effects etc. Soundtrack Pro is designed to help you integrate audio with video, performing editing, audio post production and more. Production Utilities lets you create the acoustics of a particular venue, turn your audio into Apple loops, as well as handle different audio file formats.

Logic Studio Tutorial - Arange Window

Logic Studio is the sequencing and audio hard disk recording program used by professionals which is becoming increasingly popular.

What is covered in the Logic Studio Tutorial?

The Logic Studio tutorial covers all the aspects of using this very powerful program including:

The Environment, Arrange page, Event list editor, Piano Roll editor, Step editor, Audio recording, editing, mixing, automation, plug-ins etc…

You will learn:

  • Setting up a new project.
  • The Arrange Window.
  • how to program MIDI drum & percussion tracks from scratch and how to edit them using the Step Editor.
  • How to use MIDI program change commands to remotely select voices.
  • Program melodic parts & edit them using the Piano Roll Editor.
  • Program in real time, step time & by writing in.
  • Detailed use of control change commands.
  • Detailed use of various quantisation features and global commands.
  • A range of various arranging techniques; Folder Tracks; Splicing and Snipping.
  • Explore various Environment window techniques such as Arpegiator & MIDI Echo.
  • Setting up and using Software instruments; Bounce in place; Freezing.
  • Writing & editing automation.
  • Importing & editing samples.
  • Recording audio; time stretching.
  • Audio editing in the Arrange window; Flex time.
  • Audio processing in the Sample editor.
  • Setting up the Mixer; Plug ins, EQ, Inserts, auxiliary channels.
  • Bouncing the final mix.

Logic Studio Tutorial - Environment

The Logic Studio tutorial is a practical based course and is restricted to a maximum of only 4 people per class each allocated a digital audio workstation (DAW) consisting of a computer with a keyboard and a multi-timbrel sound module gives you plenty of opportunity to really grasp the concepts of Logic Studio by applying everything you are learning during each session.

Logic Studio Tutorial - Mixer with Channel EQ

Requirements to attend the Logic Studio Tutorial.

You will need to understand the concepts of EQ, dynamic processing & effects or you will have already attended and completed the TRW Music Production Foundation Course

Logic Studio Summer Tutorial Duration

At other times of the year the course runs for 8 weeks if attended one evening per week or 4 x fortnightly Saturdays, where you cover two sessions during each visit.

The summer course runs for 4 consecutive days 11:00 to 16:30.

The course is £300 on its own or £270 if purchased together with an additional course. It is also included as one of the options in the Dance Music Production Course.

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