Music Production Courses at The Recording Workshop

See the Complete range of Music Production Courses below:


Music Production Diploma Courses

Full time Sound Engineer/Music Production Diploma Courses

The Sound Engineer Diploma includes all courses held at the Recording Workshop + lots of extra individual and practical time. Visit the Sound Engineer Diploma page for further details.

Part Time Music Production Diploma Course

Similar to the full time Sound Engineer Diploma Level 1 Course but over 18 months instead of 9 months in the evening or on Saturdays. For more information, take a look at the Music Production – Part Time Diploma Course by clicking on the link.


Part time short music production courses

Music Production & Sound Engineering Foundation Course

If you are completely new to the world of sound engineering and production or have limited experience than this is the best course to get you started. Check out the Music Production Course – Foundation page for more details

Electronic Dance Music Production

If you would like to find out how to put dance tracks together then this is the course for you. The Dance Music Production 1 course consists of three tutorials:-

  • Music Production Course – Foundation
  • Cubase Tutorial or Logic Studio Tutorial
  • Music Sampling Techniques

In addition, you can also enroll on the DJ Tutorial which complements the above tutorials.

For further information visit the Dance Music Production page.


8 Week Music Production Courses

These courses are either held on alternative Saturdays (two sessions per day) or during a weekday afternoon or evening per week.

Computer Sequencer Tutorials

Ableton Live Tutorial

Ableton Live TutorialThis is a brand new course from The Recording Workshop UK, and will cover all aspects of this music software sequencer package. For more information take a look at the Ableton Live Tutorial page.

Cubase Tutorial

Cubase Tutorial - Music Production CoursesAn in depth look at this popular computer music sequencer that runs on both PCs and Macs. Modern sequencers can record both Audio and MIDI data. For more information on the Cubase Tutorial take a look the page.

Logic Studio Tutorial

Logic Studio Tutorial - Arange WindowFor all Apple users looking for a versatile yet robust sequencer then Logic is a great choice and we run the Logic Studio Tutorial which will teach you how to get the best out of this powerful sequencer. Click the Logic Studio Tutorial link for more info.

Reason Tutorial

Reason Tutorial - OverviewQuite a different sequencer to the other three. This is a self contained ‘Studio in a Box’ software package with modules mounted in a virtual rack and it simulates the look and feel of real hardware devices. If you are trying to understand how studios are wired than this is a great tool for learning, plus it also has great sounds and effects built into it. Reason is widely used amongst professionals. Check out the Reason Tutorial page for details on what we cover.

Pro-Tools Tutorial

Whether you run a PC or a Mac, Pro-Tools is considered the sequencer for the serious or professional, and is an important application to learn how to use if you are seeking to get involved in the music production industry. For more information on what is covered in the Pro-Tools Tutorial take a look at the page.

Other 8 Week Music Production Tutorials

DJ Tutorial

If you aspire to becoming a DJ and want a fast track to getting started. Learning to use equipment such as DJ mixers, turntables for vinyl, CD decks, discovering the techniques of beat matching, slip cueing and more, then check out our DJ Tutorial page for details.

Multi-Track Recording

Looking to do your own recording? Need to understand how to set up microphones, positioning them correctly in front of, or even inside musical equipment to capture the best sound? Lost with all the ins and outs of multi-tracking, then this course is for you. Find out more at the Multi-Track Recording page.

Music Sampling Techniques

Music Sampling Techniques - Akai S5000Music Sampling Techniques - Kontakt Software SamplerWhat is sampling? How and why is it used in all sorts of music production including dance music? In this course you get to use both hardware and software samplers from Akai and Native Instruments and create a track that’s entirely sample based. Take a look at the Music Sampling Techniques page for details.

4 Week Music Production Courses

Synth Programing

Synth Programing - Korg MS20

Confused about VCOs, LFOs, Modulators, Oscillators etc? Then we can demystify all that techno terminology on the Synth Programing tutorial. You get to play with some real classic machines as well as soft synths. Visit our Synth Programing page to fin out more.

These are all the Music Production Courses we currently run here at The Recording Workshop UK, however we will run other specialist courses based on demand, therefore if there is something you wish to learn that is not listed then please do not hesitate to contact us and if enough people are interested we’ll run it.