Music Production Courses – What are they like?

If you are thinking of enrolling on one of the many music production courses at the London based Recording Workshop UK, then the following video will provide you with an insight to the practical aspects of the music production courses we run.

Music production courses & Sound Engineering courses at The Recording Workshop

Practice period for the Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma course

Here in Studio 2, you can see DJ tutor Martin explaining the various aspects of record cueing and beat matching etc., then letting each student try it out for themselves. Martin then gives them feedback suggesting ways they can improve on their performance.

Meanwhile other students are working on the Apple Mac based workstations on projects involving the use of music sequencers including Cubase, Logic or Pro-Tools, creating their own songs demonstrating and perfecting their sequencer skills. Although they are on their own, there is always a tutor on hand that can help them should they run into any difficulty or something they do not quite understand.

Each of the students on the workstations would have first attended a music production course such as the Logic tutorial or Cubase tutorial, each consisting of eight three hour sessions where they learn all aspects of the sequencer of their choice. They then apply this newly gained knowledge on the projects set for them to accomplish.

As mentioned in the video this room is usually very quiet as each student wears headphones, but on this occasion there was a DJ Tutorial running at the same time and as there were several would be DJs attending, the sound had to be sent to the monitors so everyone could hear what was going on.

Music Production Courses from The Recording Workshop UK

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