Music Production software

One of the 1st pieces of music production software was on a Commodore 64 program called Pro16 in around 1987. In those days the 5.25″ floppy disc was the latest thing in data storage. The reason why the Commodore 64 was used was that it was the first home computer to use a 3 voice sound chip. In other words it could produce thee sounds at the same time. However as soon as the Atari 520 and later the 1040 st models became available the program was quickly developed for that platform as the Atari was the first and only computer to have MIDI input and output ports built into it, making it easier to hook up MIDI keyboards and sound modules. As the program was developed it was renamed Cubase, a MIDI only sequencer, and it was the first commercially available product at an affordable price and quickly became a necessary piece of studio equipment.

Below is a video in German demonstrating the original Pro 16 sequencer running on the Commodore 64. Also featured are later versions of Cubase.

If you would like to learn how to use Cubase, later versions of course, take a look at our Cubase Tutorial page for more information.