Special summer school 2 month condensed versions of the TRW Full Time combined Sound Engineering course & Music Production level 1 Diploma Course

Become a producer in just 2 months during your summer holidays!

This special condensed version of the TRW Sound Engineering & Music Production full time course lasts just 9 weeks.

Times: 11:00 to 17:30 Tuesdays to Fridays in July. Mondays to Fridays in August.

Fee: £2945 including a £500 deposit to reserve your place (early bird fee: £2600)

Don’t miss next year’s course starting 03/07/18 by paying your deposit or early bird full fee offer at the current price NOW.

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This course is the equivalent of all the TRW audio & sound engineering courses and music technology & music production courses with additional practical periods amounting to 32.5 hours per week.

Modules included in the summer course:

One of the most important features is that there is a very maximum of 4 people per full time course.

Other schools, colleges or courses have somewhere between 10 and 30 people per course. “I have taught in further education colleges and it was a nightmare. There were about 25 students trying to get access to the mixing desk. The class was also held back by some students who were there because they could not think of anything better to do. They were not really interested which brought the whole class down…” says José Gross the founder of The Recording Workshop. “I like the personal approach. Small classes, lots of practice on the equipment. Exchange of ideas between people. I am still learning even now from my students because they have unprejudiced ideas about how to do things which I am always struggling with myself.”

Music Production Summer CourseMusic Production Studio

Steinberg Cubase-A1 Synth

Drum Kit in the Live Studio at TRW


Another distinguishing feature of The Recording Workshop is that it is located slap bang in the middle of one of the most densely populated recording studio areas in the world. There are something like 50 recording studios in about 3 blocks of buildings! A lot of them belong to world class acts. One is frequently seeing famous faces in the nearby cafe or just walking down the corridor in this building or down the street. This makes it ideal for making contacts and work opportunities.

The course is in 2 parts:

The 1st part of the sound engineering & music technology full time course starts on Tuesday 11th July and lasts 7 weeks.

The 2nd part of the sound engineering & music technology course is entirely hands-on supervised studio time for you to create and develop your own productions over the last 1 week.You will also have studio time on the 3 previous Mondays.

Remember that as a full time student you are eligible for:

          • Discount on Apple computers.
          • Discount on music software.
          • Discount on Borders books.

Insurance is also available to cover your possessions and your fees if you become ill: Student home contents and personal possessions insurance

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            1. All course places can only be reserved on receipt of the deposit or full payment.
            2. The deposit is absolutely non-refundable or transferable unless no places are available.
            3. There is no refund for lateness or absence from any or all of the sessions of the course.
            4. There is no refund for dropping out of the course within 31 days before the published start date of the course. If notified more than 31 days before the start date the fees paid will be refunded minus the deposit.
            5. Combined courses count as one course. The start date of the 1st course taken is the start date for the combination course with section 4 above applying to that start date.
            6. The total payment has to be made in full by 8 days for UK & EU nationals or 14 days for non UK & EU nationals before the published start date of the course otherwise students will be removed from the course and lose their deposit.
            7. The recording workshop reserves the right to refuse admission without explanation.
            8. Students are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the studio.
            9. Students are not allowed on the premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
            10. Students agree to behave courteously and respectfully towards the tutor and the other students and address any complaints they may have directly to the director and not anyone else. Any breach of this clause and clause 9 may result in immediate expulsion without notice from the course with no refund.
            11. If for any reason a student enrolls late so as to start a course at session 2 such as there being a spare place the full fee will be due at least 2 days before session 2. No refund will be allowable for dropping out or any absence after session 2.
            12. Students are not allowed to touch any controls other than those specifically instructed by the course tutor.
            13. Mobile phones to be switched off during lessons.
            14. Any lateness or absence is to be notified as soon as possible preferably by text.
            15. Any absence due to illness lasting more than 3 days needs to be certified by a doctor.
            16. Students who miss 3 or more classes without an explanation will no longer be eligible to have work experience arranged for them.
            17. Students who miss 3 or more classes from any one module will not be eligible for the appropriate certificate unless they can show that they have made up for what they have missed.
            18. Students need to have all 8 certificates in order to get the diploma and be eligible for work experience.
            19. Work experience is only available for UK nationals.

Contact The Recording Workshop

Unit 10, Buspace Studios, Conlan Street, London, W10 5AP

Phone +44(0)20 896 88 222 or fax +44(0)20 7460 3164