Music Sampling Techniques – Learn How to Create Audio Samples

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Music sampling is an essential part of dance music production although it is also used in other music genres.

Music Sampling Techniques - Akai S1000

The basic principle behind audio sampling is to take small snippets of sound edit them and use them creatively in your track, however there are many more music sampling techniques involved, and these will all be covered in the course.

Overview of the Music Sampling Techniques Course.

Music Sampling Techniques - Akai S3000 XL

You will start of by getting to know how to use the original Akai hardware music samplers as shown here in the pictures, learning how to edit and create multiple audio samples from the original, and assigning them to a MIDI channel so each audio sample can be triggered by the keyboard controller.

Once you understand that process you will be asked to bring in audio material, which could be drums, vocals, strings etc., on various formats such as vinyl, CD, MP3, to sample. You can also use ‘real’ sounds including various keyboard or acoustic sounds from the studio, or your own sources, the more varied, the better.

All the aspects of music sampling techniques, such as editing, time stretching, synchronizing and programming the Akai sampler are then covered. You will also get the opportunity to use a music sequencer of your choice, usually Cubase or Logic to create a track, and you will learn basic sequencer routines to sequence all the samples you have created, to produce a complete piece of music.

Music Sampling Techniques - Akai S5000

We start off with hardware so you get a thorough understanding of the basics in music sampling techniques as most software samplers are based on their hardware counterparts.

Kontakt Software Sampler

Once you have a track created, you will then add software samplers including Recycle and Kontakt to the track and discover how these work as well as appreciating the advantages and disadvantages between hardware and software audio samplers.

Duration of the Music Sampling Techniques Course

The Music Sampling Techniques Course lasts for eight weeks – once a week or you can attend fortnightly Saturdays – four in total where you will cover two sessions each day.

Requirements to attend the Music Sampling Techniques course.

You will need to understand the concepts of MIDI, EQ & effects or you will have already attended and completed the TRW Music Production Foundation Course

The Music Sampling Techniques Course is £300 or £270 if purchased together with another course.

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