What is a Music Studio Producer?

A music studio producer is in charge of the entire music production process as David ‘Trash’ Kelly explains in the following video.

Music Studio ProducerIn order to be a music producer it is a good idea to become knowledgeable in the technical aspects of music production as they will be working together with the sound engineer, understanding how audio studio recording equipment works, both hardware, such as mixers, processors, effects, reel to reel tape machines (yes, they are still used from time to time), as well as digital audio workstations or DAWs, including a good knowledge of software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason to mention a few.

The Recording Workshop specializes in Music Production and Sound Engineering offering various courses which if taken together in the form of the Sound Engineer Diploma Course will provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to become a music studio producer. Students from all over the world including Singapore have done this course.

An understanding of music theory, though not essential, is desirable as it helps the music studio producer to appreciate some of the difficulties a musician may experience when trying to give their best performance, especially during the recording process, when the pressure and focus is all on that person getting it right. This is where the producer has to put on their ‘psychological head’ and help the artist mentally, boosting their confidence and in turn enabling them to perform better.

The studio producer is the person everyone turns to when things are not working out as well as they should. They organize everything such as the hiring of studios, musical equipment, extra musicians where required, and that would also include accessories such as guitar strings, reeds etc. The music studio producer would have also planned the session in advance, things like goal setting – what tasks would be completed such as recording 4 tracks or mixing one or two songs so as not to waste valuable and often expensive studio session time on the day.

The record label will provide the music producer with an overall budget for the project, and it is up to the studio producer to manage their account and not overspend especially if the artist is recording their debut album.

Keeping to record label’s deadlines is also very important. Marketers are responsible for the release dates of certain music styles and rely on the producer to have a ‘product’ completed in a timely fashion.

What are the Advantages of being a Music Studio Producer?

Apart from the management aspect of the role, one of the biggest advantages of being responsible for music production is the creative aspect. You get to change, mold, and develop the sound of your artist into something really good. There are many artists who have fantastic raw musical talent, but do not know or understand the music production process and this is where you can really shine and make something of them.

Can Anyone Become a Music Studio Producer?

There is this myth that in order to become a music producer you have to be some super talented and sort after person, and indeed as David ‘Trash’ Kelly mentions in the video, this is true when it comes to large well established record labels with top artists, however there is plenty of scope with much smaller less known companies, where you can build up your knowledge and experience. Also don’t just focus on music production purely for albums as there are many other outlets for your talents including music for games, film and TV, audio and video commercials where again you can get a foothold and build up your reputation to a level where you start to get noticed by the ‘big guns’ who will ask you if you would take on a project and be their music studio producer.