Reason Tutorial – Learn How to Use this Great Software by Propellerhead

Reason Tutorial

Reason Tutorial – So What is Reason?

Reason by Propellerhead Software is a self contained ‘Virtual Studio’ in a box which simulates the look and behavior of its real counterpart. The software contains a built in sequencer and a rack containing mixers, effects, processors, synthesizers, samplers as well a Mastering Suite, and many other devices. Using the Tab key on your keyboard turns the whole rack around so you can see all the ‘wired’ connections, and if so desire you can ‘re-plug’ these wires to change the signal path just like in a real studio set up.

Reason Tutorial - Thor Polysonic SynthesizerMany artists use Reason exclusively as their production tool of choice, especially as its price is considerably lower than the other main sequencers.

What is covered in the Reason Tutorial?

This Reason tutorial extensively covers everything from loading a simple pre-programed patch (sound or effect), to programing each device yourself to create your own unique sound or effect. You will be creating your own ‘track’ while learning how each device works and building up your track as you learn.

When you first start using Reason it might appear quite straight forward. You search the many built in libraries for a particular sound, Reason will automatically select the virtual device required to play that sound for you, and you can put a track together in no time. That’s great for getting started with Reason, but you are only scratching the surface using it this way. The reason tutorial will look at each module, explain its functionality, and get you creating your own unique sounds which will help you to get a unique sounding track.

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As I’m sure you will appreciate, the reason tutorial is quite intensive, and you will be expected to already have a basic understanding of synthesizers, mixing, effects, sequencing and sampling or at least to have completed the Music Production Course – Foundation level.

The Reason tutorial is 8 Weeks on 4 x fortnightly Saturdays 11:00 to 16:30

The Reason tutorial is £300 including deposit if purchased on its own, or £270 if purchased together with another course. It is also part of the Dance Music Production Course.

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Reason tutorial