RSL Music Practitioner level 3 Full Diploma Course – Duration 2 years.

This course leads to the RSL level 3 Music Practioner Diploma or BTEC QCF level 4 Higher National Diploma (Equivalent of the 1st year of a degree) – Same contents but different assignments.


Reason Tutorial

Multi-track tape recording


Advanced hard and software music sampling techniques

Advanced synth programing & Sound Design.

Guided market research,

studio set up and planning,

advanced studio wiring,

reviewing topics that were felt to be unclear in the 1st part

independent live recording sessions

extensive microphone technique work,

video sound-tracking

Live PA mixing (Sound Reinforcement).

DJ Tutorial.

Music Business:

Introduction to the Music Business

Relationships & Differences between “Majors & Independents”

The ingredients for success

How to develop your vision

Sources of funding

Copyright Issues

Collection societies

Different types of royalties

Publishing contracts

How to find a publisher


Types of contracts (artists, management, producers, etc)

Important elements of a contract

How to read and understand contracts

How To Market a Record (or yourself)

Defining your market (Who? Where?)

Competitors (Who? Where?)

Using the press, radio, clubs and the internet

Key sources of information

Developing a press kit


Studio requirements

Finding the right people




Business Planning

How to develop your plan

How to negotiate successfully

12 ways to increase your profit.

The objective is to make you self-sufficient and build up your self confidence in a recording session and studio.


Tutorials: Thursday and Friday 11:00 to 13:30.

Practical: Monday all day (often ‘till 9PM) and Tuesday 11:00 to 13:30.

You will also often have the opportunity to use the facilities at evenings and weekends.

Only 4 to 5 people per course

If you are a student from overseas or you require accommodation in the London area please click on the links below:


Overseas Students

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