Free Apple new iPad + more!

Get a free iPad kit & a brand new free iPad when you enrol on the TRW Sound Engineering & Music Production diploma course. Course price: £7000.

We have put together a brilliant package for the new iPad which includes training on how to set it up and use all the apps.

Real and virtual MS20 at TRW
A real Korg MS20 with an iPad loaded with the iMS20 app

What’s included in the kit?

1 x New iPad with 64GB & Wi-Fi

1 x iRig MIDI interface

1 x iRig Amplitude

1 x iPad Camera Connection Kit for USB

A collection of stunning audio/music apps including:



Epic Synth

Roland Juno 106 & iPad for music production courses
A real Roland Juno 106  synth with the epic synth iPad app version

Fairlight Pro


and a lot more.

Some of theses apps are virtual versions of the real equipment that we have in the studio. This means you will be able to use the same sounds on your own productions whilst on the move. For instance you will be able to learn how to use a real MS20 and then use the app version on your iPad anywhere you like.

We will train you on how to connect the iPad up to your equipment as well as how to use it. As time goes on more and more musicians & producers are using the iPad to produce professional results.


You will be provided with the package once the full payment for the course has been received.

For more details or to enrol contact The Recording Workshop or call 02089688222

Similar courses to the TRW level 1 Sound Engineer diploma course elsewhere cost considerably more:

SAE 1 year £12,000 approx
London School Of Sound 1 year £ 9,400
Point Blank 1 year £ 9,000 approx
Alchemea 1 year £ 8,750 approx
The Recording Workshop 1 year £ 7,000

Why? Other colleges have larger classes, a larger number of administration staff, larger premises and larger advertising & marketing budgets which means they have much higher running costs.

TRW has always worked on the principle that small is best: more personal attention, better learning effectiveness, good access to equipment, plenty of practical experience. We budget as efficiently as possible and so keep costs down.

To reserve a place a deposit payment of £1000 for the level 1 Sound Engineer Diploma course or £2000 for the level 1 & 2 course has to be made as soon as possible.

Applications will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

Contact The Recording Workshop

Unit 10, Buspace Studios, Conlan Street, London, W10 5AP

Phone (UK): 020 896 88 222 (International): +44 207 460 2117 fax +44
(0)20 7460 3164

Download the full time course prospectus in printable PDF format here

Download a printable PDF format application form here.

Download a Word .doc version of the application form here

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