How does going to university to study a degree in Sound Engineering & Music Production compare with the 1 or 2 year TRW Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma?

Do you want to work in the recording industry, set up your own studio, become a professional producer or just get a degree in a subject you are interested in?

If the answer is the former then maybe you should rethink the university route because the recording industry is generally not interested in academic qualifications. It considers experience to be much more valuable. It is notoriously difficult to break into so imagine how frustrating it must be to have spent 3 years at uni studying all about acoustics and other academic aspects of sound mechanics, getting into about £27,000 debt only to find it has not really helped you get a job in a studio.

What’s the answer?

You could not do a lot better that the TRW Sound Engineering & Music Production diploma courses.


Because theses courses have been running for about 10 years and have enabled graduates to get positions such as the head of audio at Al Jazeera, head of digital media at the BBC, full time live sound engineering for bands regularly touring around the world, work with members of The Rolling Stones, the Pink Floyd and a lot of other well know acts.

Not only that but the cost of the courses are massively lower than university fees. Compare £3500 for a 1 year course or £8300 for a 2 year course (which includes a music industry subsidy) to £9000/year for 3 years at university.

Entry Requirements

In order to get into university you will need a number of A levels. You don’t need any qualifications to get on to the TRW diploma courses. We teach you everything you need to know from scratch.

We still have a few places left for the September 2013 course so contact us NOW for further details by calling 0208 968 8222.