Synth Programing – Korg MS20 Lesson 3

Synth Programing – Envelope Generators

In the last video in this synth programing series the filters were discussed and are responsible for modifying waveforms. In the following video let’s look at the envelope generator. The envelope generator controls the way a sound changes over time. The Korg MS20 has 2 envelope generators, one EG2 controlling amplitude and the filters, the other one EG1 controlling pitch. EG2 has 5 controls, Hold which emulates the length of time a key is pressed, Attack which controls the time the sound takes to get to its highest level, Decay which controls the time the sound drops to the Sustain level, the Sustain level determines the level of the sound while the key is pressed and finally Release which controls the time the sound fades after the key has been released. Synth Programing - Korg MS20EG1 is made up of a Delay control which determines how long after a key has been pressed for the pitch to change. Attack controls the time the pitch goes up to the default value and Release which controls the time for the pitch to drop back down to the original setting. This will not work unless the Release on EG1 is turned up as well. The amount by which the cutoff frequency is changed by EG2 is set by the EG2 dial under each filter column. The filters are opened by the envelope generator so you need to close the filter beforehand for it to work. More to come on this Synth Programing mini course.