Synth Programing – Korg MS20 Lesson 4

Synth Programing – Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)

In the last video in this synth programing series the envelope generators were discussed and are responsible for modifying sound over time. In the following video let’s look at the Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO). The LFO controls the way a sound regularly changes over time.

The Korg MS20 has 1 LFO controlling pitch and the filters. MG 2 controls, Waveform which determines the shape of the cycle from Sawtooth to Triangle and back again. Under that is the Frequency control which regulates the speed of the recurring cycles. When turned up all the way sometimes one can recognise a pitch. This is the basis of FM synthesis, Frequency Modulation synthesis.

Synth Programing - Korg MS20The intensity of the change is controlled by the MG knobs under the VCO and Low Pass and High Pass filters. Remember to close the filter first otherwise there will be no effect.

More to come on this Synth Programing mini course.