TRW – Reviews

Here are some testimonials from previous students who attended one or more courses at the Recording Workshop.

Diego Benavente. July 2017.

I learned a lot in my short 3 month stay. I am a passionate musician and in The Recording Workshop I found exactly what I was looking for: knowledge in Logic, Pro Tools, the mixing desk, auxiliaries, effects, equipement, the principles of sound, recording, mixing and even advice on the industry and music careering. My main teacher was Theo and he has a real music career, as a producer and musician, and a passion for teaching, what else could you ask for? There’s another teacher on the weekends who is a walking enciclopedia of knowledge and the owner of the studio who knows the equipement like the back of his hands, teaches and who is also a musician with a life-long career that dates back to the sixties (founder of Here & Now which later evolved into Planet Gong with Daevid Allen of Soft Machine).

They were even generous enough to lend me the equipement and working stations to record a song of mine and gave me advice through out the process in an 7 day period.

Of course, it also depends on you. I bought and read a couple of books prior to taking the course but I noticed other students who took the courses as vacation time. It depends on you.

In the end, the most valuable lesson I acquired here is that you should never stop your learning process when it comes to music recording. It is a life long process. Like medicine or rocket science. So take it seriously.

Joffrey Justino. November 2016.

TRW is the perfect place to learn everything about music. I did the 2 years diploma and I will never regret it. I have learn so much about music production, recording, sequencing, history of music. I really liked the atmosphere. The fact that we were in small classes was very good, easier to learn and we could always ask and have a clear explanation when we didn’t understand something. Jose the course leader and Theo are very good teacher, they are always ready to help. They know what they are talking about. Now, I can recording, creating and mixing new stuff by myself. I definitly recommend this place for eveybody who are determined about getting serious knowledge and skills or even beginners who just want to discover the infinite world of Music, you won’t be disappointed. This is one of the best experience of my life. Thanks a lot to Jose and Theo !

Ioana Statescu. April 2016.

I really enjoyed my 8 weeks introduction to music production. The courses were very interactive. Theo is a great teacher and I will look up for future sound engineering courses on TRW website.

Gabriel Popham. April 2016.

Great course, especially the hands-on practical learning.

David Solomons. April 2016.

Really good overview course (Foundation course). Covered everything I wanted in as much detail as time allowed. Excellent tuition from Theo who was a great course tutor.

Adam Rubman. July 2014.

The best thing about the program was the freedom. I felt that I could go in for extra time whenever I wanted to work on projects, ask questions, or even use the studio for personal use. The learning curve is steep for a first time music production student because you are thrown into hands-on mixing and are placed in a studio environment. Once a week I observed a session of Jose’s and felt that watching an engineer work with artists in the studio gave me a better understanding of how a studio is run and the process by which music is recorded and produced. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in music production, recording, and engineering.

Hayden Murray. June 2014.

I did the 3 month program at TRW and did the introduction to multi-tracking, mixing, physics of sound, synthesizers, Pro-Tools, Logic, Cubase etc. and general introduction to understanding sound in analog and digital platforms. I loved the experience in working with Jose, Theo and small groups of people (made the learning more intimate.) This course is great for an all encompassing background on all things sound, and provided a foundation for me pursuing a career in the music industry! Cheers!

Petra Zahnhausen. February 2014.

I did the 2 year part-time Level 1 Diploma course at TRW and found it brilliant. The course was very hands-on and provided a great mixture of theory and practice with classes being taught in an easy to follow pace. Apart from learning about sound waves, frequencies, EQs, microphone techniques and how to set up your own studio I got the chance to work with professional music production DAWs such as Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools. I particularly liked the fact that there were never more than 5 students per class which gave me the chance to not only have my own PC work station but more importantly, to really have access to the hardware equipment and have a go at learning how to use them in your own time: Mixing desks, Microphones, original Akai hardware music samplers and even a Vintage Korg MS20 synthesiser!! Since all of the tutors have been working in the music industry for many years they can provide you with invaluable insights into the various aspects of music production, live recording and esp. the “Do’s and Don’ts” of working with clients. They are eager to pass on their extensive knowledge and offer you immensely helpful advice when it comes to your specific questions about how to improve the mix of your projects. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn about the necessary theory of sound engineering and at the same time wants to get started with producing their own music straight away…and all that within an authentic studio environment.

Fred Ireland. December 2013.

I have just completed the level 1 & 2 Diploma course here at TRW. I had previous experience in classical music but virtually none in electronic, and had no knowledge of hardware. This course has taught me from the very basic to the very complicated elements of production. The small classes make for a very personal experience which for people such as me has been a major help, anything which you need explaining will be covered. The equipment is top notch, with a huge selection of old school analogue synthesisers and hardware you will never be stuck for creative inspiration. All in all i think the course is laid out in a well paced, understandable way and would recommend it to anyone young or old who is serious about music production.

Brendan Illingworth. November 2013.

Found it very enlightening & good intro to MIDI & sequencing. 8 x week Foundation course.

Jagir Reehal. November 2013.

Excellent course with a highly experienced tutor & good facilities. 8 x week Foundation course.

Kristjan Magnusson. October 2013.

I did the 2 years diploma course at TRW, I was only going to do Level 1 to start with but after the first year I learned so much that I decide to do the second year as well and I dont regret it at all! You finish with so much experience and learn so much on both analog and digital. Jose the course leader is a great teacher and he always make sure that everyone in the group understand everything and everything is very well explained. I would recomend this course to everyone that is interested in learning sound engineering professionally. Thanks!

Max Edison. October 2013.

Super Experience ! les outils et techniques indispensable pour votre production !!!!! j’aime j’aime ! pour tous les Français a l’anglais Nul !! j’en fessais partie !

Filipe Pinheiro. September 2013.

It was a great experience studying at Recording Workshop. Thanks to Jose, Phillip and Theo for sharing their experiences which were and are very important to my career as sound engineer. And certainly helped me to open doors in the industry. Thanks TRW!

Baptiste Rocca. September 2013.

guys, if you really wanna learn what engineering sound and producing is, that’s the place to be ! the head teacher is a really good teacher and you learn a lot of interesting things if you really like music. TRW thank you for everything !

Tatiana Iakovleva. September 2013.

I’ve done a 9 weeks summer course learning sequencers, recording equipment and principles, synths and sound physics. It’s been an intensive 9 weeks period of learning, which I enjoyed. There wasn’t a minute of wasted time. Very small groups of 2-3 students, which gives you opportunity to try everything on your own, ask any questions at any time and enjoy the informal conversation. The tutors are very experienced professionals (Jose and Philip have been working with sound since 70s, and Theo is a progressive contemporary music producer). Apart from the up-to-date equipment in classes, you can investigate the rare vintage pieces – the ones like the musical legends used to work with (tape recorders and synths). I’ve benefited a lot from the course and have got a massive volume if information and ideas in my head to work out gradually at home.

Chris Mytom-Hart. july 2013.

I’ve just finished the two year diploma at TRW. i joined with very little musical, production and engineering skills, and have since learned a hell of a lot! i would recomend this course to anyone who doesn’t work well in a large class enviroment because the one on one teaching is second to none and you really feel your absorbing the information. also all the equipment in the studio ranges from old to new, giving a well rounded instrumental base to anything you want to achieve in the studio. Thanks TRW!

Ryota Wakasa. July 2013.

I did 2 years course in TRW. I learnt a lot of stuff. I’m from Japan so my English is not good, but every session was easy to understand because it’s very practical and tutor teach politely. There are many pieces of professional recording equipment so using them was very good experience for me. I learnt how to use a lot of recording software & hardware as well and about live sound too.

Tom Marron. July 2013.

Really solid introduction to the field, taught really well by Theo. He’s got patience & attention to detail, a great combination for teaching this material. Great stuff!

Marcus Cooke. July 2013.

I have learn a lot, thank you.

Luke Hammond. June 2013.

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Theo rules!! It’s been emotional.

Reece Keane. May 2013.

I thought that the course was very helpful. It gave me more knowledge on Logic Pro, ProTools and Cubase.

Mateus B. Goncalves. May 2013.

Great course, definitely mind opening!

Teddy Julia Addae. May 2013.

Very informative course. Excellent teaching – approachable instructor.

Leon Johnson. March 2013.

Very informative, very technical, very relaxed environment…… I would recommend to others…

Remi Derieux. March 2013.

Great intro to music production. Very informative and comprehensive for someone like me who had no clue at the beginning – Foundation Course.

Matthew Kelly. March 2013.

Really enjoyed the course. Covered a lot of ground and has given me a good background knowledge of a lot of different areas of a studio.

Melita Urosevic. January 2013.

It has been a great experience.

Paul O’Sullivan. January 2013.

Very informative. Thank you very much.

Jay Hoare. November 2012.

I just completed my sound engineering level 1 diploma course and it was all I could have hoped for and more. I now have a solid grounding in Cubase, Pro Tools and Logic, and when I have done days of work experience I have been able to understand everything that was shown to me.

Having this qualification under my belt helped me get the job that I have right now, in an up and coming record label.

I woud highly recommend this to anyone interested, and thank you TRW!

Raj Sharma. November 2012.

Very well structured, interesting, balanced well between theory/practical and fun. Well presented and good to have 2 tutors.

Sephanie Davin & Robbie Stern. November 2012

Very much enjoyed it. I liked the mixture of learning about aspects of recording, production and sequencing software + the history of gear.

Mark Critchfield. November 2012.

Really enjoyed all the sessions and loved the relaxed way in which everything was covered.

Bernardo Lares. August 2012.

TRW’s professors are really good and they know the courses perfectly. They almost always answer and know how to explain doubts. Recommended.

Rinat. June 2012.

i did a 4 weeks summer course in TRW and i learned really really much. even i`m not a english mother-tongue speaker i could understand Jose perfectly. it shows, that he is a really amazing teacher with his explanations. we had almost the whole time hands-on working and he gave us some problems to solve (f.e. with multi-track recording) and we had time to solve it our own. so this is the best way to learn how to handle this stuff. even now, i`m so glad i did the workshop. i have more than 50 sheets full of information i can reproduce all we`ve done. one good thing more was that we were only 2-3 participants in the course, so we could work all together f.e. with the mixer or some tasks Jose gave us. there was no lost time. i wish you merry christmas Jose and good luck to your family.

Dewi Nsongo. June 2012.

The Recording Workshop is a really good place to study music. The courses are deep in content and easy to understand. There is the possibility to use good equipment and we are free to create every kinds of music.

Jack Bennett. April 2012.

A fantastic course much recommended to anyone looking to go into the industry. Its appeal is surely the small size of classes, in comparison to friends who have been on courses with over 20 people in them. I have come away from the course having got out of it all i initially wanted and more!

Wayne Hicks. March 2012.

If you are looking for a course in sound engineering/studio work TRW is a fantastic choice.
The course will guide you through many aspects of the recoding industry & with small classes there is a lot of help through the stages. You will learn to use software equipment for recording as well as hardware equipment. There is a lot of hands on work so as well as being showed how to use equipment you will be able to have full access of all the mixing desks/ software programs etc…
The recording workshop is highly recommended.

Pablo. September 2011.

Brilliant. I got lots of hands-on time working with the software packages I chose and on the mixing desk. The course at The Recording Workshop gave me such a lot of useful experience in the studio. José and his team have a deep knowledge of music and communicate their enthusiasm for making great music and with only small numbers of students in each class you get to ask all the questions you want and can get plenty of practical experience. Great value too.

Omoding Takan August 2011 re course ending 18/12/03:

I remember you (Jose Gross) as being an excellent teacher with a genuine love for his craft. I guess in a large part, I owe all my adventures in music over the last few years to the skills you taught me on your course, and ultimately to you.

Daniel Larrotta. July 2011.

My name is Daniel Larrotta and I am colombian student living in England. I recently finished a two-year-diploma course at The Recording Workshop (, a private studio school in West London. I enrolled in the course hoping to have some quality studio time to develop my skills as a music producer so I could arrange, record and mix my own songs, and I am pleased to say that I did get the training and the practice I wanted to have.

What I found great while studying at The Recording Workshop was that, as I went along with the process of learning the basic theory of how the studio worked, I was allowed to follow my own path and use the facilities according to what suited my purposes the best; I am a songwriter so in my case it was very clear that I wanted to record my material and that´s exactly what I was able to do.

The course works in a flexible way depending on who you are and what you do and even though I am more creative than technical, I was surprised to find out how the use of devices such as compressors, noise gates and effect units would affect the mixes of my songs; so if someone is more interested in the technical side of it, they won’t be disappointed since one gets to learn the science behind every device the studio has.

All the elements are there for the students to take advantage of; a 24 channel analog desk, a 16 track reel to reel tape machine, acoustic and electric guitar, amplifier, bass guitar, drums and other percussion instruments, synthesizers, samplers, a wide selection of dynamic and condenser microphones you can experiment with, and computers with updated versions of programs such as Pro-tools, Logic, Cubase and Kontak, containing large libraries of software instruments which you can program. The studio has two main recording rooms; the vocal booth (a completely sound proof room which is great for vocals and practically any acoustic instrument) and the live room in which the drums are set up along with the electric guitar amplifier.

Apart from all the physical possibilities the Recording Workshop offered me, it´s worthwhile mentioning that the whole experience for me was very interactive and cooperative since I had the chance to engineer sessions for other students in the same way I always had someone else to engineer my sessions as well, and I even got to collaborate with my classmates in some pieces of music. When it came to mixing, not only did I mix my songs but I was also faced with the task of mixing other people’s music, which helped me train my ears in order to be effective when dealing with various music styles.

I highly recommend this course for anybody who thinks of studio time as precious and golden. It will allow musicians, singers, producers, DJs or anyone interested in the field of sound recording and production, to develop skills and put them into practice for the sake of their own work.

Daniel Santiago. June 2011.

I totally recommend this course, its hands on way of teaching in small groups really gives you the opportunity to get full access to the equipment and experiment yourself with it.
You will get to know all aspects about sound and music production and also will get the experience working in real recordings sessions.
So, either If you are looking to start off in sound or if you have the knowledge and want to get into the industry, this course suits in all senses.

Michael Jamieson. March 2011.

I’d like to just say thank you for such an enjoyable experience.

I learnt a lot from both you and Philip and I enjoyed those modules which you both taught.  The studio has some great equipment and after having my eye on your MS 20 for some time, I was thrilled to finally get to play it during the analog syth module.

I have not taken my experience at TRW lightly and I tried to get as much out of it as I could.  Knowing that music schools are expensive, I did a lot of research before deciding which music school I wanted to attend.  It was after reading your website and speaking with you at the orientation evening, that three things stood out and which made me decide to go to TRW.   They were that the classes were small and one-to-one, that the teachers had over 30 years experience in the music industry and that students would be given a voluntary placement pending completion of the diploma.

The class size was small and I found that ideal.  I always felt that I could ask any question and both you and Philip were always accommodating with whatever questions the class had, no matter how strange.  Both your and Philip’s experience is enormous and I had to hold myself back at times so as not to ask too many questions all of the time.

I’d like to thank you personally Jose for all your help, not only during class but also before and after. I have so many questions and so many ideas and you were always patient in answering my questions. I hope that I am able to continue to be involved with TRW.

Liam O’Brien. March 2011.

i really recommend this course to anyone especially because there are no more than 4/5 a class and it is in a working professional studio,unlike if you went to a collage or university with would be 1 teacher to 20 or 30 students.also because of this there is plenty of recording time to make your own recording and have gained the skills to record other students projects.

Nathan Lay. March 2011.

I would recommend studying at TRW to anyone interested in music production or sound engineerining. The experience of learning hands on with such good facilities has provided me with opportunity to learn things that can’t be learned otherwise. Im sure that if I took the course a second time, I would learn just as much.

Pitt Reeves. March 2011.

I totally recommend this course. The small size of the classes has allowed me to approach the material from my own point of view, yet I’ve gained knowledge and skills at all aspects of recording. The mode of teaching has given me a solid theoretical basis for understanding the relationship between sound and technology, and most importantly, has given me a heightened ability to use the recording engineer’s greatest tool—the ears.

Habish Rosario. December 2010.

……The studio is working great, I still need to buy more equipment but it is working good. Its being really busy since I got back from London. All ready have recorded and mixed over a dozen artist here in Pr. Including my own that I plan on releasing next year……

Robert Dean. December 2010.

Great course. I started with no knowledge about sound engineering or producing and I now leave the course with a good understanding for these things. Friendly people, nice small classes so lots of time in the main studio. Wish I was doing the second year.

Nathan Schneider. August 2010.

TRW brought me what I could hope for and even more. Indeed, beyond the programs and the technique, we acquire a manner of listening, of analyzing, and a method of creation. We meet people with music as a shared interest, and with different universes (as well cultural as personal). A good experience.

Habish Rosario. September 2009.

The Recording Workshop is not only well equipped for the courses it gives, it contains the personnel to ensure the learning process goes as smoothly as possible. Being a musician my self for over 15 years and with the experience of 4 albums with my band I’ve had to learn to comprehend the entire recording process to a whole new level. I will seriously recommend it to anyone who is serious about music.

Matthew West-Robinson. May 2009.

Now a graduate from the The Recording Workshop’s Advanced Sound Engineering Course– I cannot emphasize how much I have learned in my two years attendance. The first course encompassed all aspects of the industry including Microphone Techniques, Multitrack Recording, DAW’s (Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools), Mixing, Mastering, Synthesis, Plug Ins, Effects and Sampling. I found the course very different to what I expected as it was taught with a very hands on approach and it gave me a real feel for using the equipment in the studio as well as the ability to develop and form my own recording techniques and ideas. I thought the teaching was excellent. With such small classes, (5 or so people) I was always assured that I had the attention and ear of a professional in the industry at any time.

The advanced course focused much more in-depth on the topics covered in the first year as well as live independent recording sessions with bands and also a work experience placement which I found absolutely invaluable. I happened to be fortunate enough to do my experience at Abbey Road Studios working with the likes of Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and Chris Slade, formerly of AC/DC.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I would highly recommend The Recording Workshop to anyone who wants to get into the recording industry. Currently I am planning to establish my own recording studio.

Karl Pupé. April 2009.

It has been absolutely awesome! I look forward to coming back in the summer.

Ruth Jones. April 2009. (Foundation course)

Great overview. The context, history, from basics to present is very good. The tutor’s experience in the industry is invaluable and really makes a difference.

Tabosun Olowe. April 2009. (Foundation course)

Fantastic. There probably is not any better introduction course for Sound Engineering.

Kat. September 2008 (extract of interview for Hotcourses magazine).

What inspired you to take the course?

My life. There’s nothing more to life for me than music, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing something else in my life. I’ve seen too many people giving up their life passion for something they hate doing. Apparently our favorite things do not give us enough money, but I’m a great believer of the theory where you are the creator of your own destiny. If you can’t achieve what you want, it means you don’t want it badly enough. If you are dedicated, no matter what you choose to do, you will get what and where you want.

Where did you hear about the course?

I bought a ‘Hotcourses’ guide to look around for best courses and even though there was a wide range of schools, The Recording Workshop looked most interesting and turns out I made a good decision.

What did you hope to achieve by taking the course?

Obviously, I was hoping to succeed in what I started. Being a good sound engineer, knowing what I’m doing.

What was your initial impression of the course?

It all looked a lot more complicated than I thought. I never had any experience in sound engineering, so I haven’t even seen most of the equipment before. I was afraid that I will fail. I think it is normal though if you start doing something new. Then gradually I was learning things and I literally fell in love with it.

What was the thing you most enjoyed about your learning experience?

I am not sure if I can answer this question. For me everything was equally amazing, extremely interesting. I just wanted more and more. Couldn’t get enough of that. If I didn’t have to work I would spend every minute I could in there.

Great advantage of this course is the amount of people in a group. It was up to 4 or 5 people, which means you can touch everything and try everything out. I had lots of time to work on my own music, use every piece of equipment in a studio. Our tutor was always there to help and give a valuable advice.

What was the hardest thing about the course?

The hardest thing for me was finishing the course. I really enjoy being there and wouldn’t mind doing it again, ‘cause I feel so good in there.

How has taking this course improved your life and career?

It has greatly improved my life, because now I feel like I’m going the right direction. I can do what I want to do most in my life. I can work with music.

What do you intend to do with the skills you gained?

I intend to become the best sound engineer in the universe 😉

Any words of advice for students who want to do this course?

If you think of where to start – I’d say The Recording Workshop is a perfect place to start your journey leading to career in music industry. Helpful people, great equipment, no stress, pure pleasure for anyone who’s into this.

Jamie Elliott. Summer 2007.

The summer intensive course was not only great fun but very informative. It
was well structured and not only did they teach you about all aspects of
music production but they also gave you the chance to try everything for
yourself and in your own time during the practical periods. The staff are
friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I have come out of it
not only knowing more about the processes and tools of music production, but
knowing more about the industry as a whole. Many Thanks!

Richard Elkin

Having just completed the Full Time course at the Recording Workshop, I feel that I have benefited a great deal from it. Initially I was a little hesitant to part with the sum of money required, as I did not see how it could be worth that much. However, looking back now I can honestly say that in my opinion it is DEFINITELY well worth the money spent, and I would recommend anyone who is truly interested in this area of the music and recording industry to take the course.

One of the things that made it a success for me was the small class size. Having spent my entire school life (university being the exception) in smaller classes, this format suited me perfectly. Jose was able to fully explain to all of us the exact workings of all the different procedures, and still take time to further explain to an individual any things they may have understood. This I felt was THE governing factor in the amount of information I have learned.

The structure of classes was well thought out and fitted together with other lessons to make best use of time. For someone coming from outside of London this was of course a bonus for me as it meant less travelling time throughout the week. Jose ensured that as best as possible, the schedule was kept to and this in turn meant that we learned everything we had set out too.

There are a few other factors that I could expand on but, to summarize, I feel the full time course is fantastic for the following reasons:

one on one teaching which suited me perfectly
very well structured to encompass all the areas that we may need in the future
clarity of content
the availability to use all the equipment ensured that we could understand the way it all worked
fun studying conditions
practical and demonstrative
value for money

Overall, I think it is an excellent starting point for anyone who is starting out (such as myself) or for someone who is already in the industry and wants to learn or brush up on something new. Jose is an excellent teacher who made the learning fun.

Alessandro Salis 31/05/06:
I’ve really enjoyed the course and I’ve understood the basics that I’ve been taught.

Vincent J. Fiedorowicz 03/08/06:
Very good overview and well-paced/structured.

Tanya Siraj 03/08/06:
It was very useful/informative for me to get an insight into working in a music studio.

Richard Sherry 17/01/04:
Very happy with course – a great introduction.

Danielle Clarke 17/01/04:
Very good.

Lee Lording 17/01/04:
I found the course informative and easy going and I am keen to go onto other courses.

Philip Kirkpatick 17/01/04:
Great course – thoroughly enjoyed it!

Peter Bolger 18/01/04:
Very enjoyable and informative course. I would recommend it to anyone as a gounding course.

Rob Hodgkin 18/01/04:
The course was excellent. Thorough coverage of all topics in a useful way. Thank you Phil!

Charlie Goodwin 08/11/03:
The workshop helped me very much. It was interesting. I would like to come back again soon.

Gay McCarron 09/11/03:
Had fun!

Yvonne Keteku 05/11/03:
Very good. Developed a basic understanding of audio engineering as stipulated. Evening availability enabled me to be able to do the course. The right length of course also.

Jan De Lange 14/09/03:
It’s a great course. There’s a great deal of detail to it all. Will help me for future prospects.

Shane Hopkins 14/09/03:
Teacher was very helpful and always had a way of explaining things so I understood.

Leon Seccombe 13/09/03:
Very informative. Given me lot of ideas for my studio.

Warren King 16/07/03:
I found the course very useful and interesting and gave me sound skills for working a recording studio.

M. Risman 12/07/03:
An excellent introduction to this new field. We very much enjoyed the course. Philip was extremely knowledgeable and helpful…..

Dee Weekes 12/07/03:
It has been a great introduction for me. I feel a lot more confident and looking forward to putting it into practice.

Warren King 16/07/02:
I found the course very useful and interesting and gave me a sound skill for working in a recording studio.

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