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Theo Attikouris - Music Production tutor

Theo Attikouris – Music Production tutor

Hi, I’m Theo Attikouris and this is a brief biog to help us all get acquainted.

I teach the TRW Foundation, Logic and mixing courses.

My entry into the world of music began during childhood with a cello, a classical guitar, a homemade shaker (2 Listerine bottlecaps taped together with lentils inside) and two cassette-recorders. Yes, I would actually record guitar on one cassette player, play it back while adding live cello and use the second player to record the resulting performance. This process would repeat until I had my full track. Usually, the final piece sounded like a lot of tape hiss with cats being strangled. But in my defence, however rudimentary and rough the method, I had in fact unwittingly stumbled upon…Multi-tracking! I’ve been collecting bits and pieces to beef up that phoetal studio ever since.

As an instrumentalist, I like to refer to myself as a ’have-a-go-hero’. Ultimately, I’ll try to squeeze a melody out of anything I can get my hands on. But my main focus on music has always veered heavily towards producing, mixing and achieving that glitzy final product.

My industry training first began at Store Street Studios off Tottenham Court Rd where I worked for two years as a Studio Assistant learning the ropes with recording, multi-tracking and sequencing. I remember this was back in the days of Logic 3. It was my affinity with this particular software that really launched me into the world of freelance music production. Soon after, I began to dabble with sound library production, took on brief-work for TV/radio advertising and released some internet albums.

It was at this point that I decided to take myself back to college to collect more formal skills and give myself a firm grounding in music technology. This is actually when I first came across TRW! I completed the 2 year level 1 & 2 full-time sound engineering & music production diploma course and since then I have been pretty busy; from live engineering at gigs, audio-editing for publishing firms, tracking vocals for dance tracks (many of which have been used for companies such as Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label), to producing sound library albums that have been used for international TV, cable and radio stations (including SKY, Dave and UK Living).

I am also currently a director of Themik Productions, a music production company that provides bespoke music for clients in the media industry. We produce and cater for all genres and uses, ranging from film soundtracks to individual albums for bands.