TRW Music Production & Sound Engineering School

If you are really serious about Music Production then take a look at our Sound Engineering & Music Production Diploma courses.

What if you are a Frustrated Musician, Engineer/ Producer or DJ?

Take a look at our DJ Tutorial courses, music production courses and sound engineering courses. You’ve already had some experience, but you are frustrated by not being able to get a great sound from your mix? It doesn’t matter how hard you try, after all the ‘advice’ you’re given, what music software or hardware equipment you buy or who you hire in terms of studios, engineers or producers, you just don’t get the sound you want. Despite reading sound engineering & music production articles on how to get a great sound or watching videos, the dream of actually hearing for real what is ‘playing in your head’ eludes you.

Well it does not matter what background you have from total beginner to professional musician or someone who already has some sound engineering experience, here at the Recording Workshop sound engineering courses & music production courses we can train you from the ground up. Keep up to date with new courses and information.

What can the Recording Workshop courses do for me?

We offer sound engineering courses & music production courses with training that is amenable to everyone regardless of age, experience or culture and ensure to the best of our ability that you leave us with a definite plan to move forward in your career or hobby, whether it is to get work in the music industry, or set up your own studio or simply have a better understanding of the music production process.

Will it be a Small Studio with 20 or more Students all trying to get a glimpse at what is being demonstrated?

Absolutely NOT! Having attended sound engineering courses & music production courses such as these ourselves we totally understand how frustrating it is when you just cannot see

exactly what is going on. It’s a waste of your time, the teacher’s time and more importantly your hard earned cash. So we restrict the number of members to a maximum of five per session, or a maximum of two people per workstation on the advanced courses.

Let’s take a brief look at the sound engineering courses & music production courses we have on offer. For further information on each sound engineering course or music production course, click the links either here on this page on in the right hand column.

The TRW Sound Engineering Course & Music Production Foundation Course

This course is for everyone, even for those who feel they have a reasonable knowledge of the basics. You would be amazed at some of the gaps in your knowledge which you might not realize you have, and that could be one of the main reasons you are struggling to get the sound you so desire. In this course we take you step-by-step though all the equipment you would expect to find in an audio recording studio, explain how it works and you then have a chance to use it yourself. We start off with analog or traditional equipment and then move onto computer based digital audio. Once you have completed this course you can then move onto the TRW advanced sound engineering courses & music production courses.

You will also be using one of the sequencers above (usually Cubase or Logic) to put this track together and this will help you appreciate how the equipment works together.

TRW Music Production & Sound Engineering School.